I believe in living life with passion and purpose. I am a big fan of all things wild and free and acknowledge the power of reconnecting with our wildish natures, re-establishing natural cycles, diet, movement and lifestyle. This helps us to live with integrity, intuition and innate intelligence which in turn increases longevity and helps us to live a more fulfilled life.

 Rachel Wild

To invoke the wild spirit is to embrace what it truly means to be alive.

When we reconnect with our own natural rhythms, those that mimic the rhythms of nature we reignite our passion and zest for life.

I believe within each and every one of us there lies a longing for the wild, that which is untamed and free. Our bodies like our minds can become stagnated when they are not exercised or stimulated. Unnatural lifestyles can leave many of us feeling un-stimulated on so many levels. As a species many of us have been coerced into unnatural cycles in order to please others schedules and expectations and meet the demands of modern living.

Today in the developed world people move less than ever before, spending more and more time indoors and following completely unnatural patterns, lifestyles and diets.

Remaining seated for extended periods daily has been linked to numerous diseases. Movement is indicative of life. On the other hand social media, magazines and tv shows bombard us with fad diets, ten minute abs and images of what we are meant to believe is the perfect body. These images cause us to compare ourselves to others, scrutinize and even overly criticize our own bodies. This is completely unnatural and causes so much unnecessary suffering. While we can benefit from having something or someone to aspire to we must also remember that we are all unique and our bodies carry the story of our own individual lives. Athletic bodies are not always healthy. Over exercising and not taking the time we all need to rest and relax can be just as harmful as not exercising at all. As the wild world follows a cycle of four seasons which bring balance and harmony to the earth we too must seek to find balance in our own lives and bodies as we discover our own seasons or personal patterns.

Psychological processes are greatly influenced by the body. Unnatural movement, pushing our bodies and over exercising is dysfunctional and ultimately leaves us feeling disconnected.

Yoga guides our minds back to our bodies and our bodies back to the breath allowing us to experience the healing and rejuvenating powers of embodiment. Asanas [yogic postures] act as vehicles of energy which when practiced correctly have the power to balance the elemental forces within the body. This in turn stabilizes the nervous system and boosts the function of our innate immune system. Yoga postures enhance bodily sensations and help us to embrace the sensual world while honouring our wild, beautiful and unique bodies.

Reclaim your Health. Knowledge is Power.
Learn more about your body's innate ability to heal, the power of herbs, natural foods and planet earth.
Ancient Vedic texts describe five elements of AETHER, AIR, WATER, FIRE and EARTH. The human body was understood to be an amalgam of each. These natural, unseen forces are directly related to the health and well being of both our bio electric bodies and the earth itself. Offering an insight into the way the human body works and interacts with it's environment, The Healing Power of Planet Earth encourages the people of our time to welcome a symbiotic cycle of healing between themselves and Gaia.

 I am Rachel, an international yoga and dance fitness teacher, certified holistic health practitioner and woman's wellness consultant.

I began my personal yoga practice in childhood eventually studying to become a teacher in 2010 graduating a hatha YTT in the Sivananda lineage in 2012. Since then I have been lucky to have hosted many yoga retreats, hundred's of group classes and been a resident teacher with some of Asia's most well known and loved wellness resorts.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to share the many benefits of yoga with so many people from every corner of the globe including many professional athletes, weight loss patients, people experiencing chronic illness, addiction treatment and depression. While my hands on experience in the field of health is somewhat diverse I have long maintained a special interest in the holistic approach to women's wellness.

I have been dancing all my life and teaching dance fitness classes and workshops for over 14 years now and truly believe dance, like yoga to be one of the most effective forms of exercise for body, mind and spirit.

In approximately the year 2014 a series of female students with whom I had been working very closely began to experience some overwhelming transformative and healing results. Many of these events inspired the spontaneous correction of issues related to their monthly cycles. Leading to improved health and an enhanced sense of embodiment. In addition to my usual work, these experiences led me to develop a style of practice, specifically designed to help women reconnect with their own feminine bodies and the rhythms of nature. These teachings, infused with a combination of shakti or goddess yoga, somatic therapy, shamanism and ancient womb wisdom provide the foundations of my work as a healer and the Wild Woman Rise retreats and coming video series.

 My greatest passion is helping others recognize their health, fitness and lifestyle aspirations while showing people how they can optimize their lives and achieve greater happiness through mindful movement, correct diet and following a more natural or conscious lifestyle.

Over the past 20 years I have studied many spiritual practices and nature based belief systems. An advocate of earth's medicine and the sacred arts. I have traveled extensively, visiting numerous ancient temples and monuments. I am certified in multiple holistic healing modalities. An initiate of the fellowship of Isis, my work as a teacher and healer stems from my my devotion to the divine feminine or cosmic mother. Over the years I have been guided to countless, amazing and beautiful women and men who have been able to heal themselves and realign their bodies with mother earth's energies through the medium of yoga, to them I owe more than words can express.

Rachel to me knows more and is more than is beyond this earth. She is a spirit of life, a magical, beautiful force that has lifted me from darkness. Rachel did more than teach me yoga she set me free.

Freya Little, United Kingdom

The gift you gave to me of sharing your time and practice of yoga was not only inspiring but reopened not only a practice but a renewed way of living life.

Sheridan Carpenter, Australia 

As for me Rachel is the teacher I have been waiting for all my life.

Axi Ugnich, Russia

Rachel, my soul sister :) thank you for being patient with me, caring for me, uplifting me, and being the truly beautiful, talented, passionate teacher, friend and mother that you are. Since meeting you my life has changed and I'm not exaggerating, You have the soul of a prophet and the heart of princess Diana. You have taught me to be me and to love me and to worship the body I live in. Thank you and I love you xxxxxx

Donna Peskett, Spain

Rachel, thank you for your beautiful spirit and incredible energy. As I told you after only one week you had really changed my life. You are very special. Thank you for everything. Basically thank you for being you.

Alina Chikhana Montreal, Canada

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